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English word graphene comes from English graphite

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graphite English (eng) A grey colour.. An allotrope of carbon, consisting of planes of carbon atoms arranged in hexagonal arrays with the planes stacked loosely, that is used as a dry lubricant and in "lead" pencils.. Short for graphite-reinforced plastic, a composite plastic made with graphite fibers noted for light weight strength and stiffness.
graphene English (eng) (inorganic chemistry) An arbitrarily large-scale, one-atom-thick layer of graphite, an allotrope of carbon, that has remarkable electric characteristics.. (organic chemistry) Any polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon having the structure of part of a layer of graphite.
-ene English (eng) (organic chemistry) An aromatic hydrocarbon based on benzene.. (organic chemistry) An unsaturated hydrocarbon having at least one double bond; an alkene.. A polymer derived from an alkene. A single-atom thick two-dimensional layer of atoms.

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abietene carotene carvene chlorotrifluoroethylene durene enyl ethylene ethyleneimine haloethylene hexaene iodoethylene kerosene naphthalene phosphorene polyethylene polystyrene polythene pyrene styrene styrenyl triene triethylene triphenylethylene valencene