graphomotor etymology

English word graphomotor comes from English motor, English grapho- (Writing.)

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motor English (eng) (dated) To make a journey by motor vehicle; to drive.. (informal) To move at a brisk pace.. (slang) To leave. (Christianity, archaic, poetic) The controller or prime mover of the universe; God.. (colloquial) A motor car, or automobile.. (figuratively) A source of power for something, an inspiration, a driving force.. A machine or device that converts any form of energy into mechanical [...]
grapho- English (eng) Writing.
graphomotor English (eng) Relating to the visual and motor skills involved in writing.

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Descendants of grapho-
graphoepitaxy grapholite graphomania graphometry graphopathology graphophobia graphophonic graphorrhoea graphoscope graphospasm graphosphere graphotype