graphotype etymology

English word graphotype comes from English -type, English grapho- (Writing.)

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-type English (eng) (biology) Used to form words referring to groups of organisms characterized by the presence of a specific feature. Impressed form; stamp; print. Typical form.
grapho- English (eng) Writing.
graphotype English (eng) A process for producing a design upon a surface in relief so that it can be printed from. Prepared chalk or zinc oxide is pressed upon a smooth plate by a hydraulic press, and the design is drawn upon this in a peculiar ink which hardens the surface wherever it is applied. The surface is then carefully rubbed or brushed, leaving the lines in relief.

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Descendants of grapho-
graphoepitaxy grapholite graphomania graphometry graphomotor graphopathology graphophobia graphophonic graphorrhoea graphoscope graphospasm graphosphere