gravitropism etymology

English word gravitropism comes from English -tropism ((biology) growth towards.. (science) movement, turning.), English gravi- (Gravity.)

Detailed word origin of gravitropism

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-tropism English (eng) (biology) growth towards.. (science) movement, turning.
gravi- English (eng) Gravity.
gravitropism English (eng) (biology, botany) a plant's ability to change its growth in response to gravity.

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Descendants of -tropism
aerotropism allotropism apheliotropic heliotropic hydrotropism organotropism rheotropism thermotropism tropism
Descendants of gravi-
gravidiamagnetic gravidynamics gravimagnetic gravimeter gravimetry graviperception graviphoton gravireaction gravireceptor graviscalar gravitaxis gravithermal gravitino gravitropic graviturbation