greatness etymology

English word greatness comes from Old English grēat, Old English great (Coarse. Great, massive. Tall. Thick; stout.), Old English -nis

Detailed word origin of greatness

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grēat Old English (ang)
great Old English (ang) Coarse. Great, massive. Tall. Thick; stout.
-nis Old English (ang) Used to form abstract nouns, usually from adjectives, denoting quality or state. See -nes.
grēatnes Old English (ang)
greatnes Old English (ang) Greatness, bigness, thickness, coarseness of a material.
greetnesse Middle English (enm)
greatness English (eng) (obsolete) : Pride; haughtiness.. The state, condition, or quality of being great.

Words with the same origin as greatness

Descendants of grēat
great greatly greet
Descendants of -nis
craziness dizziness express expression selfishness seriousness strength strengthen strengths talent talented unhappiness