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English word growth comes from English -th, English grow

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-th English (eng) (no longer productive) Forming nouns from adjectives.. (no longer productive) Forming nouns from verbs of action. Used to form the ordinal numeral when the final term of the spelled number is not “first”, “second”, or “third”. (archaic) A variant of -eth, used to form the archaic third-person singular indicative present tense of verbs.
grow English (eng) (copulative) To assume a condition or quality over time.. (ergative) To become bigger.. (intransitive) To appear or sprout.. (intransitive, obsolete) To become attached or fixed; to adhere.. (transitive) To cause or allow something to become bigger, especially to cultivate plants.
growth English (eng) (biology) Something that grows or has grown.. (biology) The act of growing, getting bigger or higher.. (pathology) An abnormal mass such as a tumor.. An increase in size, number, value, or strength.

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ruth ruthless stealth warmth width youth youthful