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English word gunfire comes from English fire, English gun

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fire English (eng) (farriery) to cauterize. (intransitive) to shoot a gun, a cannon or a similar weapon. (intransitive, computer sciences, software engineering) to initiate an event (by means of an event handler). (intransitive, dated) to be irritated or inflamed with passion. (intransitive, dated) to catch fire; to be kindled. (intransitive, physiology) to cause an action potential in a cell. (transitive) to [...]
gun English (eng) (with “down”) To shoot someone or something, usually with a firearm.. To offer vigorous support to a person or cause.. To practice fowling or hunting small game; chiefly in participial form: to go gunning.. To seek to attack someone; to take aim at someone.. To speed something up. (cellular automata) A pattern that "fires" out other patterns.. (colloquial, metonym) A person who carries or [...]
gunfire English (eng) (army, _, slang) Tea, a cup of tea, especially one served early in the morning before first parade.. (chiefly, military) The use of gunpowder-type weapons, mainly cannon, as opposed to swords or bayonets.. (military) The time of firing of the morning gun or the evening gun.. Shots from a gun or guns, typically creating loud report.

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Fireland bump firing firable firie firy