gynandrous etymology

English word gynandrous comes from English -androus, English gyno-

Detailed word origin of gynandrous

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-androus English (eng) (botany) having a specified number of stamens. Having the specified number of husbands.
gyno- English (eng) Of or pertaining to the female reproductive system.. Of or pertaining to women.
gynandrous English (eng) (botany) Having stamens and pistils together in a column.. (philosophy) Exhibiting characteristics of both feminine and masculine. Both denotational synonym and connotational antonym of androgynous.

Words with the same origin as gynandrous

Descendants of -androus
anandrous diandrous monandrous polyandrous protandrous
Descendants of gyno-
androgynal gynandry gynarchy gynergy gynobase gynocentric gynocracy gynocrat gynocritical gynocriticism gynodioecious gynogenesis gynography gynoid gynolatry gynomorph gynomorphically gynophagy gynophile gynophilia gynophobe gynophore gynoroentgenology gynosphinx