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English word gynocide comes from English geno-

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geno- English (eng) Family, tribe or race - e.g. genocide. Genetics - e.g. genome.
genocide English (eng) (by extension) The systematic suppression of ideas on the basis of cultural or ethnic origin; culturicide.. The systematic killing of substantial numbers of people on the basis of their ethnicity, religion, political beliefs, social status, or other particularities. To commit genocide (against); to eliminate (a group of people) completely.
gynocide English (eng) The killing of women and girls, especially considered as a social phenomenon.

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acetylproteome desiccome exoproteome genocide genome genomically genomics genotoxin lipidome memome peptidome phospholipidome phosphoproteome phylogenomic pregenomic prenylome proteome selenoproteome sphingolipidome steroidome steroidomics sterolome sterolomics subproteome