gynophagy etymology

English word gynophagy comes from English -phagy, English gyno-

Detailed word origin of gynophagy

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-phagy English (eng) (forming nouns) eating in a specified manner, normal or abnormal.. (forming nouns) feeding on; consumption of.
gyno- English (eng) Of or pertaining to the female reproductive system.. Of or pertaining to women.
gynophagy English (eng) (rare) The eating of women.

Words with the same origin as gynophagy

Descendants of -phagy
aerophagy androphagy anthropophagy autophagy bacteriophagy bibliophagy encephalophagy endophagy ferritinophagy foliophagy geophagy hematophagy heterophagy necrophagy oligophagy omophagy oophagy osteophagy paedophagy pantophagy phytophagous placentophagy psomophagy stenophagy
Descendants of gyno-
androgynal gynandrous gynandry gynarchy gynergy gynobase gynocentric gynocracy gynocrat gynocritical gynocriticism gynodioecious gynogenesis gynography gynoid gynolatry gynomorph gynomorphically gynophile gynophilia gynophobe gynophore gynoroentgenology gynosphinx