gynophobe etymology

English word gynophobe comes from English -phobe, English gyno-

Detailed word origin of gynophobe

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-phobe English (eng) Used to form nouns denoting a person having a fear of a specific thing.. Used to form nouns denoting a person who hates or despises a type of person.
gyno- English (eng) Of or pertaining to the female reproductive system.. Of or pertaining to women.
gynophobe English (eng) One who fears or hates women.

Words with the same origin as gynophobe

Descendants of -phobe
Afrophobe Asiaphobe Hellenophobe Hibernophobe Russophobe Scotophobe acrophobe aquaphobe calciphobous entomophobe gerontophobe homophobe hoplophobe hydrophobe hydrophobic lyophobe mechanophobe ophidiophobe ophiophobe paedophobe phobe pomophobe pyrophobe scotophobe technophobe
Descendants of gyno-
androgynal gynandrous gynandry gynarchy gynergy gynobase gynocentric gynocracy gynocrat gynocritical gynocriticism gynodioecious gynogenesis gynography gynoid gynolatry gynomorph gynomorphically gynophagy gynophile gynophilia gynophore gynoroentgenology gynosphinx