gynosphinx etymology

English word gynosphinx comes from English gyno-, English sphinx

Detailed word origin of gynosphinx

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gyno- English (eng) Of or pertaining to the female reproductive system.. Of or pertaining to women.
sphinx English (eng) For the feminine to co-opt, dominate, or devour the masculine, especially from a paranoid fear of this happening. To adopt the posture of the Sphinx.. To be inscrutable, often through silence. To befuddle. To decorate with sphinxes. To make one guess at the unknowable (mythology) A creature with the head of a person and the body of an animal (commonly a lion).. (rare) A sphincter.. A person [...]
gynosphinx English (eng) A sphinx with the head of a woman.

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androgynal gynandrous gynandry gynarchy gynergy gynobase gynocentric gynocracy gynocrat gynocritical gynocriticism gynodioecious gynogenesis gynography gynoid gynolatry gynomorph gynomorphically gynophagy gynophile gynophilia gynophobe gynophore gynoroentgenology