had etymology

English word had comes from Proto-Germanic *habjaną (To lift, heave To have, hold.), Proto-Germanic *habd-

Detailed word origin of had

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*habjaną Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) To lift, heave To have, hold.
*habd- Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
ġehæfd Old English (ca. 450-1100) (ang)
yhad Middle English (1100-1500) (enm)
had English (eng) (obsolete) Available. (auxiliary) Used to form the pluperfect tense, expressing a completed action in the past (with a past participle).. (auxiliary, now, _, rare) As past subjunctive: would have.. .

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Descendants of *habjaną
behave hast have haven heave heaven heavenly heavens heavy hefty hello hives