haematotoxin etymology

English word haematotoxin comes from English toxin, English haemato- (Blood.)

Detailed word origin of haematotoxin

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toxin English (eng) A toxic or poisonous substance produced by the biological processes of biological organisms.
haemato- English (eng) Blood.
haematotoxin English (eng) A hemotoxin.

Words with the same origin as haematotoxin

Descendants of toxin
Botox toxalbumin
Descendants of haemato-
haematoblast haematocele haematogenesis haematogenetic haematogenous haematoin haematology haematolysis haematoma haematopathology haematophagous haematophilia haematophobia haematoplastic haematopoiesis haematopoietic haematoscope haematothermal haematotympanum haematuria