haemoderivative etymology

English word haemoderivative comes from English derivative, English haemo- (Pertaining to blood.)

Detailed word origin of haemoderivative

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derivative English (eng) (calculus) The derived function of a function (the slope at a certain point on some curve f(x)). (calculus) The value of this function for a given value of its independent variable.. (chemistry) A chemical derived from another.. (finance) A financial instrument whose value depends on the valuation of an underlying asset; such as a warrant, an option etc.. (linguistics) A word that derives [...]
haemo- English (eng) Pertaining to blood.
haemoderivative English (eng)

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Descendants of derivative
derivativity quasi-differentiable
Descendants of haemo-
haemoblast haemochromatosis haemocompatibility haemoconcentration haemocyanin haemogenic haemoglobin haemoglobinopathy haemoglobinuria haemogram haemolymph haemolytic haemomanometer haemoparasite haemopathology haemopericardium haemophilic haemophobia haemoscope haemostasis haemostat haemostatic haemothorax haemotoxicity