haemomanometer etymology

English word haemomanometer comes from English manometer, English haemo- (Pertaining to blood.)

Detailed word origin of haemomanometer

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manometer English (eng) An instrument to measure pressure in a fluid, especially a double-legged liquid column gauge used to measure the difference in the pressures of two fluids.
haemo- English (eng) Pertaining to blood.
haemomanometer English (eng) A hemadynamometer.

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Descendants of haemo-
haemoblast haemochromatosis haemocompatibility haemoconcentration haemocyanin haemoderivative haemogenic haemoglobin haemoglobinopathy haemoglobinuria haemogram haemolymph haemolytic haemoparasite haemopathology haemopericardium haemophilic haemophobia haemoscope haemostasis haemostat haemostatic haemothorax haemotoxicity