haemopathology etymology

English word haemopathology comes from English pathology, English haemo- (Pertaining to blood.)

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pathology English (eng) (clinical, _, medicine) The medical specialty that provides microscopy and other laboratory services (e.g., cytology, histology) to clinicians.. (medicine) The branch of medicine concerned with the study of the nature of disease and its causes, processes, development, and consequences.. Pathosis: any deviation from a healthy or normal structure or function; abnormality; illness or malformation.
haemo- English (eng) Pertaining to blood.
haemopathology English (eng) Alternative form of hemopathology.

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Descendants of pathology
pathological pathologist
Descendants of haemo-
haemoblast haemochromatosis haemocompatibility haemoconcentration haemocyanin haemoderivative haemogenic haemoglobin haemoglobinopathy haemoglobinuria haemogram haemolymph haemolytic haemomanometer haemoparasite haemopericardium haemophilic haemophobia haemoscope haemostasis haemostat haemostatic haemothorax haemotoxicity