halon etymology

English word halon comes from English carbon, English halogen

Detailed word origin of halon

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carbon English (eng) (countable) An atom of this element, in reference to a molecule containing it.. (countable, informal) A carbon copy.. (countable, informal) A sheet of carbon paper.. (ecology, uncountable) Carbon dioxide, in the context of global warming and climate change.. (uncountable) The chemical element (symbol C) with an atomic number of 6.. A carbon rod or pencil used in an arc lamp.. A fossil fuel [...]
halogen English (eng) (chemistry) Any element of group 17, i.e. fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine, which form a salt by direct union with a metal.
halon English (eng) (organic chemistry) A hydrocarbon in which one or more hydrogen atoms have been replaced by halogens.

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Descendants of carbon
Silicon Fen Silicon Glen Silicon Hills Silicon Prairie Silicon Valley Silicon Wadi Silicone Valley hydricity hydrogen hydrogode hydrolley hydrolox nahcolite natrophilite polysilicon silico-borocalcite silicoborate silicoflagellate silicon germanium silicon tetrafluoride sodian sodide sodium thucholite
Descendants of halogen
halide halo- pseudohalide sulphohalite