halophily etymology

English word halophily comes from English -phily (Liking for. Tendency towards.), English halo-

Detailed word origin of halophily

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-phily English (eng) Liking for. Tendency towards.
halo- English (eng) (chemistry) Forming names of chemical compounds which contain one or more halogen atoms. Sea, salt, salt water.
halophily English (eng) (biology) The ability to live and thrive in an environment of high salinity.

Words with the same origin as halophily

Descendants of -phily
bibliophily entomophilic entomophilous entomophily geophilic geophily malacophily myrmecophily necrophily oenophily ombrophily ornithophily paraphily
Descendants of halo-
haloacetic acid haloalcohol haloalkaliphile haloalkanoic haloalkene haloarene haloaryl haloboronic haloboronic acid haloenolate haloethylene halofuran halohydroxylation halomethane halomethyl haloperoxidase halophosphate halophosphine haloquinoline halorhodopsin halosilane halosulfite halotolerance hyperhalophile