halophosphine etymology

English word halophosphine comes from English halo-, English phosphine

Detailed word origin of halophosphine

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halo- English (eng) (chemistry) Forming names of chemical compounds which contain one or more halogen atoms. Sea, salt, salt water.
phosphine English (eng) (dyeing) chrysaniline, often in the form of a salt. (inorganic compound, uncountable) a toxic gas; hydride of phosphorus, PH3. (organic chemistry, countable) any alkyl or aryl derivative of this compound, PR3 (where at least one R is not H).
halophosphine English (eng) (inorganic chemistry) Any halogen substituted phosphine.

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Descendants of halo-
haloacetic acid haloalcohol haloalkaliphile haloalkanoic haloalkene haloarene haloaryl haloboronic haloboronic acid haloenolate haloethylene halofuran halohydroxylation halomethane halomethyl haloperoxidase halophily halophosphate haloquinoline halorhodopsin halosilane halosulfite halotolerance hyperhalophile
Descendants of phosphine
hydrophosphination phosphinic phosphinous phosphinyl