handkerchief etymology

English word handkerchief comes from English hand, English kerchief

Detailed word origin of handkerchief

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hand English (eng) (archaic) Actual performance; deed; act; workmanship; agency; hence, manner of performance.. (archaic) Agency in transmission from one person to another.. (card games) The set of cards held by a player.. (chiefly, in measuring the height of horses) Four inches, a hand's breadth.. (firearms) The small part of a gunstock near the lock, which is grasped by the hand in taking aim.. (heading) In [...]
kerchief English (eng) (dated, transitive) To cover with a kerchief. (dated) A piece of cloth used to cover the head; a bandana.
handkerchief English (eng) A piece of cloth shaped like a handkerchief to be worn about the neck; a neckerchief or neckcloth.. A piece of cloth, usually square and often fine and elegant, carried for wiping the face, eyes, nose or hands.