hashtivism etymology

English word hashtivism comes from English hashtag, English activism

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hashtag English (eng) (transitive, Internet) To label (a message) with a hashtag. (Internet) A metadata tag, signaled by a preceding hash sign (#), used to label content. [from 2007]. (internet, informal) The hash sign itself. (Can we add an example for this sense?).
activism English (eng) The practice of using action to achieve a result, such as political demonstration or a strike in support of or in opposition to an issue.
hashtivism English (eng) (informal, derogatory) A form of Internet slacktivism based around the posting of messages that contain hashtags.

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Descendants of hashtag
bashtag blacktag
Descendants of activism
artivism clicktivism craftivism hacktivism lactivist leaktivism slacktivism