hate etymology

English word hate comes from Old English hatian (To hate.), Proto-Indo-European *ḱād-

Detailed word origin of hate

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hatian Old English (ang) To hate.
*ḱād- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) strong emotion
*hataz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Hate.
hatr Old Norse (non) Hatred, spite, aversion.
hete Old English (ang) Hatred, malice.
hate Middle English (enm)
hate English (eng) (Internet slang) Negative feedback, abusive behaviour.. An object of hatred.. Hatred. (informal, originally, AAVE) Only used in. (intransitive) To experience hatred.. (nonstandard, Southern US). (transitive) To dislike intensely or greatly.

Words with the same origin as hate

Descendants of hatian
hateful hatred hoot
Descendants of *ḱād-
heat heating heinous