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English word heading comes from English head

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head English (eng) (British) A headland.. (British, geology) Deposits near the top of a geological succession.. (animals) To do with heads.. (countable) The part of the body of an animal or human which contains the brain, mouth, and main sense organs.. (countable) The principal operative part of a machine or tool.. (countable) The topmost, foremost, or leading part.. (engineering) The end cap of a [...]
heading English (eng) (masonry) The end of a stone or brick which is presented outward.. (mining) A gallery, drift, or adit in a mine; also, the end of a drift or gallery; the vein above a drift.. (nautical) The direction into which a seagoing or airborne vessel's bow is pointing (apparent heading) and/or the direction into which it is actually moving relative to the ground (true heading). (sewing) The extension [...]

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