headless etymology

English word headless comes from Old English heafod ((anatomy) head. Hair (of the head). Headman; master, chief.), Old English -lēas, Old English hēafod

Detailed word origin of headless

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heafod Old English (ang) (anatomy) head. Hair (of the head). Headman; master, chief.
-lēas Old English (ang)
hēafod Old English (ang)
hēafodlēas Old English (ang)
heafodleas Old English (ang) Headless.
hevedles Middle English (enm)
headless English (eng) (computing) Running without a graphical user interface; running without any attached output device (e.g., monitor) or input device (e.g., keyboard, mouse).. (linguistics, of a phrase or compound) Not having a head morpheme or word.. (obsolete) Heedless.. (of beer) Without a head of foam.. Without a head; decapitated.. Without leadership.

Words with the same origin as headless

Descendants of heafod
ahead dickhead forehead head headache headed heading headlights headline headmaster headmistress headphones headquarters heads mutt overhead redhead shithead skunk warhead
Descendants of -lēas
careless countless endless express expression fearless harmless heartless helpless homeless hopeless meaningless pointless powerless priceless reckless regardless relentless restless ruthless senseless shameless useless wireless worthless