heartless etymology

English word heartless comes from Old English heorte (Heart. Heart, courage, will.), Old English -lēas

Detailed word origin of heartless

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
heorte Old English (ang) Heart. Heart, courage, will.
-lēas Old English (ang)
heortlēas Old English (ang)
heortleas Old English (ang) Without courage or spirit, cowed.
herteles Middle English (enm)
heartless English (eng) Without a heart; specifically, without feeling, emotion, or concern for others; uncaring.

Words with the same origin as heartless

Descendants of heorte
firsthand hand handbag handcuff handcuffs handgun handkerchief handshake handwriting handy heart heartache heartbeat heartbreak heartbreaking heartbroken heartfelt hearty sweetheart tart
Descendants of -lēas
careless countless endless express expression fearless harmless helpless homeless hopeless meaningless pointless powerless priceless reckless regardless relentless restless ruthless senseless shameless useless wireless worthless