heavyweight etymology

English word heavyweight comes from English heavy, English weight

Detailed word origin of heavyweight

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heavy English (eng) (British, slang, dated) Good.. (dated, late 1960s, 1970s, US) Profound.. (music) Louder, more distorted.. (obsolete) With child; pregnant.. (of a person) Doing the specified activity more intensely than most other people.. (of a physical object) Having great weight.. (of a rate of flow) High, great.. (of a topic) Serious, somber.. (of food) High in fat or protein; difficult to digest.. (of [...]
weight English (eng) (physics) Mass (net weight, atomic weight, molecular weight, troy weight, carat weight, etc.).. (slang, uncountable) Shipments of (often illegal) drugs.. (statistics) A variable which multiplies a value for ease of statistical manipulation.. (topology) The smallest cardinality of a base.. (typography) The boldness of a font; the relative thickness of its strokes.. (visual art) The illusion [...]
heavyweight English (eng) Being a leader in one's field.. Being relatively heavy.. Important or impressive.. Of the heavyweight boxing (or similar) division. (uncountable) A similar division and contestant in other sports.. (uncountable) The professional boxing weight class for boxers weighing more than 190 pounds; a boxer in that division.. A very large, heavy, or impressive person.