hecatarchy etymology

English word hecatarchy comes from English -archy (Form of government or rule.), English heptarchy, English hecato- (One hundred; one hundred times.)

Detailed word origin of hecatarchy

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-archy English (eng) Form of government or rule.
heptarchy English (eng) A government of seven people.. A group of seven states, especially (historical) those in Anglo-Saxon Britain.. The realm so ruled.
hecato- English (eng) One hundred; one hundred times.
hecatarchy English (eng) (rare) Synonym of hecatontarchy.

Words with the same origin as hecatarchy

Descendants of -archy
anthroparchy biarchy cryptarchy demarchy exilarchy hagiarchy heterarchy hydrarchy hyperarchy iatrarchy kritarchy kyriarchal kyriarchy minarchy ochlarchy octarchy paparchy partyarchy patriarchate phylarchy polyarchic polyarchy squirearchy triarchy
Descendants of heptarchy
dodecarchy heptarchist myriarchy