heliolite etymology

English word heliolite comes from English -lite (Used to form names of rocks and minerals.), English helio- (Concerning the sun.)

Detailed word origin of heliolite

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-lite English (eng) Used to form names of rocks and minerals.
helio- English (eng) Concerning the sun.
heliolite English (eng) A variety of feldspar, closely related to orthoclase.

Words with the same origin as heliolite

Descendants of -lite
abukumalite acadialite chiasmus danalite dendrolite foralite francolite grapholite hematolite lepidolite malacolite meteorolite ottrelite paranatrolite phytolite pisolite praseolite radiolite retinalite ripidolite scorzalite thinolite turrilite umbalite
Descendants of helio-
apheliotropic heliobacterium heliocentric heliogram heliography heliolater heliolatitude heliolatry heliomagnetic heliophile heliophobia heliophysics helioseismic helioseismological helioseismologist helioseismology heliosheath heliosis heliosynchronous heliotaxis heliotheist heliotheistic heliotherapeutic heliothermic heliotropic