heliomagnetic etymology

English word heliomagnetic comes from English magnetic, English helio- (Concerning the sun.)

Detailed word origin of heliomagnetic

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magnetic English (eng) (archaic) Having, susceptible to, or induced by, animal magnetism.. Determined by earth's magnetic fields.. Having an extraordinary ability to attract.. Having the properties of a magnet, especially the ability to draw or pull.. Of, relating to, operating by, or caused by magnetism.
helio- English (eng) Concerning the sun.
heliomagnetic English (eng) Of or pertaining to heliomagnetism.

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Descendants of helio-
apheliotropic heliobacterium heliocentric heliogram heliography heliolater heliolatitude heliolatry heliophile heliophobia heliophysics helioseismic helioseismological helioseismologist helioseismology heliosheath heliosis heliosynchronous heliotaxis heliotheist heliotheistic heliotherapeutic heliothermic heliotropic