hematopoiesis etymology

English word hematopoiesis comes from English hemato-, English -poiesis (Production, creation or formation.)

Detailed word origin of hematopoiesis

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hemato- English (eng)
-poiesis English (eng) Production, creation or formation.
hematopoiesis English (eng) (hematology, cytology) The process by which blood cells are produced.

Words with the same origin as hematopoiesis

Descendants of hemato-
hematobiochemical hematoblast hematochemical hematocyte hematocytometry hematoencephalic hematoencephalic barrier hematoendothelial hematogenesis hematogenetic hematogenic hematogenous hematoid hematolite hematolymphoid hematomyelia hematopathology hematoperitoneum hematophobia hematoporphyrin hematotesticular hematothermal hematotoxin hematotympanum
Descendants of -poiesis
angiopoiesis cardiopoiesis chylopoiesis erythropoiesis ethnopoiesis galactopoiesis haematopoiesis haemopoiesis hemopoiesis leukopoiesis mammopoiesis monopoiesis myelopoiesis mythopoiesis neuropoiesis thrombopoiesis thymopoiesis thymopoietic