hemocyte etymology

English word hemocyte comes from English -cyte, English hemo-

Detailed word origin of hemocyte

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-cyte English (eng) Used to form cell names and classifications for mature cells.
hemo- English (eng)
hemocyte English (eng) Any blood cell, especially that of an invertebrate.

Words with the same origin as hemocyte

Descendants of -cyte
adipocyte cholangiocytic chondrocyte coelomocyte corneocyte degmacyte dendrocyte enterocytic ependymocyte gonocyte hepatocyte histiocytic histocyte lactocyte lipocyte lymphocyte lymphocytic macrocyte necrocyte pinacocyte plasmacyte solenocyte tenocyte trophocyte
Descendants of hemo-
hemochrome hemocompatible hemoculture hemodilution hemodynamic hemodynamical hemodynamically hemofilter hemogenic hemolymph hemolymphagy hemolymphoid hemolysin hemopathology hemoperfusion hemopericardium hemophobia hemophore hemoplasma hemostat hemothorax hemotoxin hemotympanum hemovanadin