hepatocirrhosis etymology

English word hepatocirrhosis comes from English cirrhosis, English hepato- (Pertaining to the liver.)

Detailed word origin of hepatocirrhosis

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cirrhosis English (eng) (by extension) Interstitial inflammation of kidneys, lungs, and other organs.. (pathology) A chronic disease of the liver caused by damage from toxins (including alcohol), metabolic problems, hepatitis or nutritional deprivation. It is characterised by an increase of fibrous tissue and the destruction of liver cells.
hepato- English (eng) Pertaining to the liver.
hepatocirrhosis English (eng) Cirrhosis of the liver.

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hemihepatectomy hepatalgia hepatobiliary hepatoblast hepatocarcinoma hepatocele hepatocholangial hepatocystic hepatoduodenal hepatoenteric hepatofugal hepatogastric hepatogenesis hepatology hepatonephrotoxicity hepatopancreas hepatorrhagia hepatorrhea hepatosis hepatosplenic hepatosteatosis hepatotactic hepatotumorigenesis hepcidin