hepatofugal etymology

English word hepatofugal comes from English fugal, English hepato- (Pertaining to the liver.)

Detailed word origin of hepatofugal

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fugal English (eng) (music, psychiatry) relating to a fugue. Relating to flight (fleeing).
hepato- English (eng) Pertaining to the liver.
hepatofugal English (eng) Towards the interior of the liver (along the portal vein).

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Descendants of hepato-
hemihepatectomy hepatalgia hepatobiliary hepatoblast hepatocarcinoma hepatocele hepatocholangial hepatocirrhosis hepatocystic hepatoduodenal hepatoenteric hepatogastric hepatogenesis hepatology hepatonephrotoxicity hepatopancreas hepatorrhagia hepatorrhea hepatosis hepatosplenic hepatosteatosis hepatotactic hepatotumorigenesis hepcidin