hepcidin etymology

English word hepcidin comes from English -cide (Killer. Killing.), English flagellar (Of or pertaining to a flagellum.), English hepato- (Pertaining to the liver.)

Detailed word origin of hepcidin

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-cide English (eng) Killer. Killing.
flagellar English (eng) Of or pertaining to a flagellum.
hepato- English (eng) Pertaining to the liver.
hepcidin English (eng) A hormone produced by the liver that regulates iron homeostasis in mammals.

Words with the same origin as hepcidin

Descendants of -cide
amicicide computercide culturecide deicidal febricide felicide feticide fungicide gendercide geocide gonocide herbicide infanticide insecticide larvicidal licecide lupicide mosquitocide nematicide neonaticide parenticide spermicide vaccicide vermicidal vulpicide
Descendants of flagellar
Descendants of hepato-
hemihepatectomy hepatalgia hepatobiliary hepatoblast hepatocarcinoma hepatocele hepatocholangial hepatocirrhosis hepatocystic hepatoduodenal hepatoenteric hepatofugal hepatogastric hepatogenesis hepatology hepatonephrotoxicity hepatopancreas hepatorrhagia hepatorrhea hepatosis hepatosplenic hepatosteatosis hepatotactic hepatotumorigenesis