heptafluoride etymology

English word heptafluoride comes from English fluoride, English hepta- (Seven.)

Detailed word origin of heptafluoride

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fluoride English (eng) (chemistry) A binary compound of fluorine and another element or radical.. (chemistry) Any salt of hydrofluoric acid; for example, potassium fluoride.
hepta- English (eng) Seven.
heptafluoride English (eng) (chemistry) any fluoride containing seven fluorine atoms in each molecule.

Words with the same origin as heptafluoride

Descendants of fluoride
fluoridate fluoridise fluoridosis
Descendants of hepta-
cycloheptane diallyl heptasulfide dihydrogen heptasulfide heptacyclic heptad heptaene heptahex heptameric heptameron heptamethyl heptametric heptanucleotide heptarch heptasulfide heptatomic heptatriene heptavalent heptomino heptose heptoxide iodine heptafluoride n-heptane phagraphene tetraphosphorus heptasulfide