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English word hereof comes from English of, English here

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of English (eng) (North America, Scotland, Ireland) Before (the hour); to. [from the 19th c.]. (UK, _, dialectal) For (a given length of time), chiefly in negative constructions. [from the 13th c.]. (chiefly, regional) During the course of (a set period of time, day of the week etc.), now specifically with implied repetition or regularity. [from the 9th c.]. (now, archaic, literary) With preceding partitive [...]
here English (eng) (abstract) This place; this location.. (abstract) This time, the present situation. (Can we add an example for this sense?) (British, slang) Used for emphasis at the beginning of a sentence when expressing an opinion or want. (Anglo-Saxon) An invading army, either that of the enemy, or the national troops serving abroad. Compare fyrd.. A hostile force.. An army, host.. An enemy, individual [...]
hereof English (eng) From or as a result of this.. Of this.

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Descendants of of
-a -a- Jack-a-Lent John-a-dreams alotta cat-o'-nine-tails cock-a-leekie coupla half-a-crown jack-a-dandy jack-a-lantern jack-a-napes kindsa lorra ragamuffin
Descendants of here
hership hyah