heterogamous etymology

English word heterogamous comes from English hetero- (Other, different.), English -gamous

Detailed word origin of heterogamous

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hetero- English (eng) Other, different.
-gamous English (eng) Having the specified form of reproduction, or reproductive organs.. Having the specified number or form of marriage.
heterogamous English (eng) (biology) characterized by alternating generations of a parthenogenetic and sexual nature. (biology) involving heterogametes in the reproductive process. (botany) in which the stamens and pistils are not present in every flower; i.e. there are male and female flowers. In the daisy family Asteraceae, having two types of flowers in a flower head (such as some sterile, some hermaphrodite, or [...]

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agamous allogamous amphigamous anemogamous anisogamous autogamous bigamous bureaugamous cryptogamous endogamous hemigamous hologamous homogamous hydrogamous hypergamous monogamous oogamous orthogamous polygamous pseudogamous trigamous xenogamous