hexacid etymology

English word hexacid comes from English lactic (Of, relating to, or derived from milk.), English hex- (Form of hexa- used before a vowel.)

Detailed word origin of hexacid

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lactic English (eng) Of, relating to, or derived from milk.
hex- English (eng) Form of hexa- used before a vowel.
hexacid English (eng) (chemistry) Having six atoms or radicals capable of being replaced by acids; hexatomic; hexavalent.

Words with the same origin as hexacid

Descendants of lactic
lactimide lacturamic acid lactyl
Descendants of hex-
aldohexose chitohexose chlorhexidine deoxyhexose divanadium hexoxide hexad hexadic hexangular hexatomic hexdecyl heximal hexoctahedron hexone hexosamine hexose hexoside hexosyl hexoxide hextree ketohexose phosphohexose tetranitrogen hexoxide trihexose