hexadeoxynucleotide etymology

English word hexadeoxynucleotide comes from English deoxynucleotide, English hexa- (Forming compound words with the sense of "six".)

Detailed word origin of hexadeoxynucleotide

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deoxynucleotide English (eng) (biochemistry, genetics) Any nucleotide that contains a deoxy sugar.
hexa- English (eng) Forming compound words with the sense of "six".
hexadeoxynucleotide English (eng) (biochemistry) Any oligonucleotide composed of six deoxynucleotides; typically formed from two trideoxynucleotides.

Words with the same origin as hexadeoxynucleotide

Descendants of deoxynucleotide
ddNTP deoxynucleotyl
Descendants of hexa-
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