hexamethyl etymology

English word hexamethyl comes from English hexa- (Forming compound words with the sense of "six".), English methyl

Detailed word origin of hexamethyl

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hexa- English (eng) Forming compound words with the sense of "six".
methyl English (eng) (organic compound) The univalent hydrocarbon radical, CH3, formally derived from methane by the loss of a hydrogen atom; a compound or part of a compound formed by the attachment of such a radical.
hexamethyl English (eng) (organic chemistry) (in combination) six methyl groups in a molecule.

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Descendants of hexa-
blowhard cookware flatware glassware hard hardball hardcore hardman hardness hardware hardwired hardwood hardworking hexagon malware natural silverware soft softball softie softness software softy spyware tableware
Descendants of methyl
DMH biomethane dichlorofluoromethane difluoromethane iodomethane meclonazepam mefenamic meth- methacrylate methacrylic methacryloyl methalox methamine methane methanesulfonamide methanol methene methionic acid methoxyl