hexoside etymology

English word hexoside comes from English hexose, English -ide

Detailed word origin of hexoside

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hexose English (eng) (carbohydrate) A sugar or saccharide containing six carbon atoms.
-ide English (eng) A binary compound - bromide, arsenide, palladide.. Any of a group of related compounds - azide, polysaccharide, glycoside.. Any of a group of several elements - lanthanide.
hexoside English (eng) (organic chemistry) Any glycoside derived from a hexose.

Words with the same origin as hexoside

Descendants of hexose
hexosamine hexosyl
Descendants of -ide
arabinoside berthollide bromide caesium iodide chloride chromium diantimonide cyanide deoxynucleotide fluoride halide hydrobromide hydrochloride iodide nitrosyl fluoride nucleotide polonide potassium chloride protochloride radionucleotide rubidium bromide salicide silicide tamanolide trichloride trisaccharide