histochemist etymology

English word histochemist comes from English chemist, English histo- ((biology) tissue.)

Detailed word origin of histochemist

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chemist English (eng) (chiefly, British, NZ) A pharmacist.. (chiefly, British, NZ) A pharmacy.. (obsolete) An alchemist.. A person who specializes in the science of chemistry, especially at a professional level.
histo- English (eng) (biology) tissue.
histochemist English (eng) One who studies histochemistry.

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Descendants of chemist
Abel test Fischer-Tropsch process Scoville scale abelite berthierite chemurgy dirubidium hircic acid laurite monorubidium organorubidium proustite radiorubidium rubidide rubidium sillimanite topochemical
Descendants of histo-
histoarchitectural histochemistry histocompatibility gene histocompatible histoculture histocyte histogenesis histogenic histohaematin histoid histology histolysis histomorphology histomorphometry histoneurology histopathogenesis histopathological histophysiology histoquantification histoscore histosol histotomy histotype immunohistochemistry