histometric etymology

English word histometric comes from English -metric, English histo- ((biology) tissue.)

Detailed word origin of histometric

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-metric English (eng) Forming adjectives corresponding to nouns in -meter.. Of or relating to measurement.
histo- English (eng) (biology) tissue.
histometric English (eng) Relating to histometry.

Words with the same origin as histometric

Descendants of -metric
agrimetric astrometric barometric biometric chlorometric chronometric coulometric craniometric cytometric drawmetric econometric ergometric flowmetric gravimetric gravimetric analysis immunometric lexicometric nivometric psychrometric rheometric tachymetric udometric uranometric volumetric
Descendants of histo-
histoarchitectural histochemist histochemistry histocompatibility gene histocompatible histoculture histocyte histogenesis histogenic histohaematin histoid histology histolysis histomorphology histomorphometry histoneurology histopathogenesis histopathological histophysiology histoquantification histoscore histosol histotomy histotype immunohistochemistry