hodophobic etymology

English word hodophobic comes from English -phobic, English hodo- (Road; path; travel.)

Detailed word origin of hodophobic

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-phobic English (eng) Used as a synonym of -phobe to form nouns.. Used to form adjectives meaning of a fear of a specific thing.. Used to form adjectives meaning of hate directed towards a particular type of person (due to fear of that type of person).
hodo- English (eng) Road; path; travel.
hodophobic English (eng) (neurology) Tending not to form branches.. Pathologically afraid of travel.

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Descendants of -phobic
Iranophobic Persophobic acrophobic ailurophobic atheophobic carbophobic carcinophobic computerphobic electrophobic heliophobic homophobic iconophobic ionophobic neophobic ophidiophobic ophiophobic philophobic photophobic pornophobic queerphobic taxaphobic transphobic xenophobic xyrophobic
Descendants of hodo-
hodograph hodology hodometer hodonymy hodophobia hodoscope