holiness etymology

English word holiness comes from Old English halig (Holy, sacred; pious; sound, healthy.), Old English -nis, Old English hāliġ

Detailed word origin of holiness

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halig Old English (ang) Holy, sacred; pious; sound, healthy.
-nis Old English (ang) Used to form abstract nouns, usually from adjectives, denoting quality or state. See -nes.
hāliġ Old English (ang)
hāliġnes Old English (ang)
halignes Old English (ang) A holy place, sanctuary.. A holy thing, a relic, an object held sacred.. Holiness, sanctity.. Worship practices, rites.
halinesse Middle English (enm)
holiness English (eng) The state or condition of being holy.

Words with the same origin as holiness

Descendants of halig
halibut holly holy unholy
Descendants of -nis
craziness dizziness express expression selfishness seriousness strength strengthen strengths talent talented unhappiness