homonym etymology

English word homonym comes from English homo-, English -onym (Name. Word.)

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homo- English (eng) (organic chemistry) Used to form the names of compounds derived from simpler ones by addition of a methylene group. Of or pertaining to homosexuals or homosexuality. Same.
-onym English (eng) Name. Word.
homonym English (eng) (loosely) A word that sounds or is spelled the same as another word but has a different meaning, technically called a homophone (same sound) or a homograph (same spelling).. (semantics, strict sense) A word that both sounds and is spelled the same as another word but has a different meaning.. (taxonomy) A name for a taxon that is identical in spelling to another name that belongs to a [...]

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homoarginine homocarnosine homocentrism homodifunctionalized homodisubstituted homodromous homoerotic homomania homomer homopaternal homophase homophobe homophobia homopurine homorhythm homosex homosphere homostructure homosubstituted homotaxis homothermal homovanillic homovanillic acid homovitexin
Descendants of -onym
andronym antonymy autoantonym autonym basonym capitonym chrononym cryptonym deonym endonym ethnonym euonym exonym geonym hydronymy hyperonym isonym linguonym matronymic ornithonym paleonym retronymic teknonym theonym