homophobic etymology

English word homophobic comes from English -phobic, English homo

Detailed word origin of homophobic

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-phobic English (eng) Used as a synonym of -phobe to form nouns.. Used to form adjectives meaning of a fear of a specific thing.. Used to form adjectives meaning of hate directed towards a particular type of person (due to fear of that type of person).
homo English (eng) (colloquial, often, pejorative) A homosexual.. (uncountable, dated, US, Canada) Homogenized milk with a high butterfat content.. A human. (colloquial, sometimes, pejorative) Of or pertaining to homosexuality.. (not comparable, Canada, US) Homogenized; almost always said of milk with a high butterfat content.
homophobic English (eng) A homophobe. Relating to or characteristic of homophobia or homophobes.

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Descendants of -phobic
Iranophobic Persophobic acrophobic ailurophobic atheophobic carbophobic carcinophobic computerphobic electrophobic heliophobic hodophobic iconophobic ionophobic neophobic ophidiophobic ophiophobic philophobic photophobic pornophobic queerphobic taxaphobic transphobic xenophobic xyrophobic
Descendants of homo
fagmo gaymo hominization queermo