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English word homopurine comes from English homo-, English purine

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homo- English (eng) (organic chemistry) Used to form the names of compounds derived from simpler ones by addition of a methylene group. Of or pertaining to homosexuals or homosexuality. Same.
purine English (eng) (organic compound) Any of a class of organic heterocyclic compounds, composed of fused pyrimidine and imidazole rings, that constitute one of the two groups of organic nitrogenous bases (the other being the pyrimidines) and are components of nucleic acids.
homopurine English (eng) (genetics) Describing a pairing of a purine with the same one on a neighboring strand of nucleic acid.

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Descendants of homo-
homoarginine homocarnosine homocentrism homodifunctionalized homodisubstituted homodromous homoerotic homomania homomer homonym homopaternal homophase homophobe homophobia homorhythm homosex homosphere homostructure homosubstituted homotaxis homothermal homovanillic homovanillic acid homovitexin
Descendants of purine
allopurinol depurination depurinization polypurinic purinic