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English word homosexuality comes from English -ity, English homosexual

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-ity English (eng) Used to form a noun from an adjective; especially, to form the noun referring to the state, property, or quality of conforming to the adjective's description.. Used to form other nouns, especially abstract nouns.
homosexual English (eng) (of a person or animal) Sexually attracted primarily to other members of the same sex. Being either a male androphile or a female gynephile. (Sometimes used in the sense of sole/exclusive attraction.). (of a romantic or sexual act or relationship) Between two people of the same sex; gay.. Intended for or used by homosexuals, as a nightclub, a bar, etc. A person who is attracted solely or [...]
homosexuality English (eng) Sexual activity with a person of the same sex.. The state of being sexually and romantically attracted primarily or exclusively to persons of the same sex.

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brutality capability complexity confidentiality creativity disability electricity intensity maturity mentality nationality nudity sensitivity sexuality